Ontology Matching: Exercises and corrections

The Ontology matching book contains an appendix C of exercises. Here you can find the answers to the problems and some complementary material (essentially programs and alignments) to solve them.


Download the correction preprint (PDF).


The files below can be used for solving the exercises in Java with the Alignment API 4.1.

A C-shell script that solves most of the exercises.
admin.owl and lab.owl
The two ontologies to align (Problem C.2).
An alignment process computing, with the help of OntoSim, a simple single-linkage between classes as sets of instances (Problem C.6 and C.10).
An alignment process which aggregates the similarity values of two alignments with various formulas (Problem C.7 and C.10).
A full alignment containing confidence mesures corresonding to a similarity matrix (Problems C.8 and C.9).
An alignment process extracting an alignment from a similarity (Problem C.9 and C.10). This class is basically empty because the DistanceAlignment of the Alignment API does it already.
An alignment process composing the previous processes in a more complex matching program (Problem C.10).
A1.rdf, A2.rdf, A3.rdf
Various alignments to compare (Problem C.11)
The reference alignment (Problems C.11, C.13 and C.16).
A programme translating individuals and assertions from one ontology to another according to an alignment (Problem C.16).

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