Ontology Matching: Errata

For the first edition, typeset 23/04/2007


p3: read "folksonomies" instead of "folkosomies"

p5: read "though" instead of "thought"

p6: read "Ralf" instead of "Ralph"

Chapter 1

1.2.3, p15: IconClass is not a museum

1.5.1, p20: read "multiagent" instead of "multi-agent"

Chapter 2

2.2.1, p39, Def. 2.2: read "= is a relation over I×R×(IV)" instead of "= is a relation over I×P×(IV)".

2.2.2, p39, Def. 2.3: read "I(c)∈D)" instead of "I(C)∈D)".

2.2.2, p39, Def. 2.4: Satisfiability: what is defined is the "satisfaction" of a formula.

2.5.4, p51: read "2.5.4 Semantics of alignments" instead of "2.5.4 Semantics of alignment".

2.5.4, p53, Def. 2.20: read "Satisfied" instead of "Salisfied"

2.6, p56, 2 lines from the bottom: read "interpretaton of alignments" instead of "interpretation of alignment"

Chapter 3

3.2.1, p67: read "n-gram similarity" instead of "n-gram distance"

3.2.2, p70: read "Among data analysis techniques, we" instead of "Among data analysis techniques we".

Chapter 4

4.2, p75, Ex. 4.7: read "occurrence" instead of "occurence" (three times)

4.2.1, p78, Substring test: read "8/13 = .61" instead of "4/7 = .57", "1/12 = .08" instead of "1/7 = .14" and "14/15=.93" instead of "6/7 = .86"

4.2.1, p82: read "its relevance" instead of "their relevance"

4.2.1, p83: read "SimMetrics" instead of "simetrics"

4.2.1, p84, Tab. 4.1: read "SimMetrics" instead of "simetrics" (twice)

4.2.2, p86: read "Multilingual" instead of "Multi-lingual" (twice)

4.2.2, p89, Ex. 4.25: read "cosynonymy" instead of "synonymy"

4.2.2, p89: the Wu-Palmer method has not been designed for WordNet contrary to what we wrote: this is for good reason that it is presented with the taxonomic structure measures.

4.2.2, p90: read "occurrence" instead of "occurence" (twice)

4.2.2, p90, Def. 4.27: read "c, c'E" instead of "c,c'∈Σ"

4.3.1, p94, Ex. 4.30: read "datatype" instead of "data type"

4.3.2, p98, Def. 4.35: The definition of the "Maximum common directed subgraph problem" is ill-formed F and F' should be subsets fo V and V' respectively. Moreover, the reference to the graph homomorphism problem in the sentence before the definition should not be interpreted strictly (note that the former problem is not a decision problem).

4.3.2, p101: in introduction of Wu-Palmer, read "similarity" instead of "distance" (twice).

4.3.2, p101, Def. 4.40: The Wu-Palmer dissimilarity has been defined by counting "nodes" instead of "edges".

4.4.1, p105, Def. 4.43: read "dissimilarity" instead of "disimilarity"

4.4.3, p108: read "time consumption" instead of "time-consumption"

4.4.3, p109, Def. 4.46, 4.47, 4.48, 4.49: read "dissimilarity" instead of "disimilarity"

4.4.3, p109, Def. 4.47: read "full linkage" instead of "complete linkage"

4.5.1, p119: read "upper level" instead of "upper-level" (twice)

Chapter 5

5, p117: read "similarity or dissimilarity" instead of "similarity or (dis)similarity"

5.2.1, p121, Def. 5.1: read "monotony" instead of "monotonicity"

5.2.3, p125, Def. 5.8: read "increased monotony" instead of "increased monotonicity"

5.3.1, p128, Item 6.: read "σi+1(e,e') - σi(e,e')" instead of "σi+1(e,e') - σi+1(e,e')"

5.3.2, p132: read "datatype" instead of "data type"

5.4.2, p135: read "that are similar to" instead of "that are within a similaritydistance from"

5.2.2, p130: read "multidimensional" instead of "multidimentional"

5.2.2, p131, Ex. 5.5: read "dimensions" instead of "dimentions" (twice)

5.7.3, p148, Def. 5.21: The definition given here is not the definition of a stable marriage, but the definition of a stronger problem that we would call "pairwise maximal matching". Stable marriage, which can be obtained by the greedy algorithm, is defined such that ∀<p,q>, <r,s>∈A, σ(p,q)≥σ(p,s) or σ(r,s)≥σ(p,s).

Chapter 6

6.1.8, p159: read "similarity" instead of "similarity metric" (twice)

6.1.9, p159: read "edit distance" instead of "edit-distance"

6.1.11, p161 read "thesaurus look-up" instead of "thesauri look-up"

6.1.12, p161 read "thesaurus look-up" instead of "thesauri look-up"

6.1.20, p166: read "rated" instead of "graded"

6.3.9, p181: read "Southeast University" instead of "Southwest University"

6.3.10, p183: read "edit distance" instead of "edit-distance"

6.3.10, p183: read "datatype" instead of "data type"

6.3.10, p183: read "linguistic-based" instead of "linguistic based"

6.5, p187, Table 6.1: read "TransScm" instead of "TranScm"

6.5, p190, Table 6.2: read "TransScm" instead of "TranScm"

6.5, p191, Table 6.2: on the ToMAS line read "Data translation" instead of "Data transformation"

Chapter 7

7.2.2, p203: "The Illinois Semantic Integration Archivehad" space missing.

7.3.1, p205, Def. 7.2: read "Hamming distance on alignments" instead of "Hamming distance between alignments"

7.3.1, p206, Fig. 7.2: False negative are "R-A" instead of "A-R" and false positives are "A-R" instead of "R-A"

7.3.1, p206: read "correct correspondences among the retrieved correspondences" instead of "correct alignments among the retrieved alignments"

7.3.1, p207, Def. 7.5: read "|A\R|/|C×C'×Θ\R|" instead of "|A\R|/|A|"

7.3.1, p207: read "solely on precision or recall" instead of "solely on precision and recall"

7.3.1, p208, Def. 7.8: in the divisor of the definition, read "R" instead of "B"

7.4.1, p215, Def. 7.11: the definition is incorrect, read "1/ΣiI (wi/Mi(A,R))" instead of "ΠiI Mi(A,R)) / ΣiI (wi×Mi(A,R))"

Chapter 8

8.1.1, p222: read "full alignment" instead of "complete alignment"

8.2.1, p236: a semicolon is missing after "Compose( A1, A2 )"

8.2.3, p238: read "mentioned" instead of "mentionned"

Chapter 9

9.4, p251: read "WordNet" instead of "WorldNet"

Chapter 10

10, p259: read "automation of alignment processing" instead of "automation of the alignment processing"

10.1, p260, l4: before "Merging" add "If o, o' and Merge(o, o', A) are expressed in the same language,"

10.1, p260, l11: read "o, o', α(A)" instead of "o, o', A"

10.1, p260: read "(§2.5.4)" instead of "(§2.5.4"

Appendix C

C.6, p294, Problem C.11, Alignment A2: read "Faculty ≤ Professor" instead of "Professor ≤ Faculty"

C.6, p294, Problem C.11, Alignment A3: read "birthdate = hiringdate" instead of "hiringdate = birthdate"

C.6, p294, Problem C.12: read "Application specific" instead of "Application oriented"

C.8, p295, Problem C.14: read "correspondences" instead of "correspondence" (twice)

C.9, p295, Problem C.16 (Data translation): this exercise is not sufficiently well designed, please ignore it.


p302 [de Bruyn et al., 2004]: Kerstin Zimmermann's name has two "n", but the original work mentions only one and even her publication list distinguishes this publication with only one "n".

p303 [Doan et al., 2004]: read "ontology" instead of "ontollogy"

p304 [Euzenat and Valtchev, 2004]: read "16th ECAI" instead of "15th ECAI"

p305 [Euzenat, 2007]: read "pp348-353" instead of "pp248-253"

p306 [Ghidini and Giunchiglia, 2004]: read "16th ECAI" instead of "15th ECAI"

p307 [Giunchiglia et al., 2006c]: read "17th ECAI" instead of "16th ECAI"

p311 [Li and Clifton, 1994]: read "20th VLDB" instead of "10th VLDB"

p314 [Noy and Musen, 2000]: read "Conference on" instead of "Conference of"

p315 [Pan et al., 2005]: read "Proc. 4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), volume 3729 of Lecture notes in computer science, pages 563-577, Galway (IE)" instead of "Proc. 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), volume 3298 of Lecture notes in computer science, pages 563-577, Hiroshima (JP)"

p316 [Robertson and Jones, 1976] should be [Robertson and Spärk Jones, 1976]

p318 [Sotnykova et al., 2005]: read "Christelle" instead of "Christèle"

p321 [Zhang et al., 2004]: read "International" instead of "Internation"


p326, col1: read "similarity/n-gram -" instead of "distance/n-gram -"

p327, col2: read "intrinsic linguistic technique" instead of "instrinsic linguistic technique"

p329, col1: read "n-gram/similarity" instead of "n-gram/distance"

p329, col2: read "occurrence" instead of "occurence"

p330, col3: read "symmetric recall" instead of "symmeric recall"

p332, col1: read "SimMetrics" instead of "stringmetrics"

p332, col1: read "string/ocurrence of a character" instead of "string/occurence of a string"

p332, col3: read "TransScm" instead of "TranScm"

p332, col3: read "validity (alignment)" instead of "validity (alignement)"

p333, col2: read "Wise-Integrator" instead of "Wise-integrator"

p333, col3: read "RDF/XML" instead of "XML/RDF"


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